For About $1 Per Day, You Can Get Testing, Support, And Peace of Mind.

Cancer is a complex personal genetic disease. Cancer Guardian is a transformative benefit program that can help in the prevention and management of cancer by combining the power of DNA testing with the personalized support of expert cancer resources.

First Benefit: Clinical Grade DNA Testing

Learn Your Hereditary Risk For Cancer

Why Cancer Guardian

What You Get


Advanced DNA Testing

Support Specialists

Navigation Technology

Leverage DNA testing Innovations to prevent and combat cancer.


Preventive: Hereditary Risk Screening Test  (Day 1 Benefit)

Using a simple saliva sample, this testing evaluates DNA to determine if a member may be at a higher risk for developing cancer, due to a hereditary mutation.

Post Diagnosis: Advanced DNA Testing of the Cancer

Following a cancer diagnosis, members have access to Advanced Genomic DNA Testing of their cancer, which can help identify the most effective treatment options available.

You are always supported by real people in real time with Cancer Guardian.


Cancer Information Line (Day 1 Benefit)

 A member support line staffed by oncology experts who provide guidance for any cancer related topic.

Cancer Support Specialists

Following a cancer diagnosis, a Cancer Support Specialist will be assigned to provide dedicated support throughout the cancer journey.

Additionally, Cancer Guardian provides:

  • Expert Pathology Review

  • On-Site Nurse Advocate (one visit)

The cancer journey can be confusing and financially devastating. Help is available.

Medical Records Platform (Day 1 Benefit)

A cloud-based platform where members can consolidate their medical records and images for simplified viewing and secure sharing.


Clinical Trial Explorer

The Explorer program uses AI technology and experienced research oncologists to identify clinical trials the member is eligible for.

Financial Navigation Report

The Financial Navigation solution draws from a rich ecosystem of over $4 billion of public and private funds to identify financial aid and subsidies the member may qualify for.

Learn about your genes and how they impact your health with genetic information on your risk for cancer.

How It Works


Genetic and Genomic Testing

You Start with Genetic Testing which looks at inherited traits in your genes and certain cancer relevant mutations that you could have inherited from your parents.

At Diagnosis you will have a Genomic Test of your cancer. Genomic Testing detects mutations that could impact your tumor's growth and response to therapy.  Mutations can be inherited or acquired over your lifetime. This testing can improve diagnostic accuracy, guide treatment selections, improve patient survival rates, and decrease wasted healthcare costs associated with misdiagnosis.

Clinical Trials and Financial Aid

Are there Clinical Trials or Financial Aid that you qualify for? Cancer Guardian helps you Navigate these opportunities.

Member And Family Benefits

In Addition to all the benefits for a Cancer Guardian Member, your children under age 26 are included in almost all benefits of the membership.


In addition, all First Degree Blood Relatives have benefits as well.

The Family Follow-Up Test Program provides testing for first-degree blood relatives if a positive mutation is reported, at no cost.

  • Cancer Guardian Membership is in effect.

  • Must be a first-degree blood relative.

  • Original Hereditary Test must have originated through Cancer Guardian.

  • Pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant was found.

  • Order must be placed within 90 days of the original individual's test report being issued.













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